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Hello, my name is Selina Allerstorfer and I am currently studying »Information Design« at the FH Joanneum with the major Interaction Design. I love to let loose creatively and play with shapes, colors, and fonts until my ideas are brought to life. Nevertheless, I'm also fascinated by the process and the research behind each project, because there's more to each design than just combining shapes, colors and fonts. The right interplay between research and design makes a good and meaningful project.

The foundation for my passion for media and design was already laid during my education at the HLW for Communication and Media Design Linz. Since then, I have been very familiar with the Adobe Creative Cloud programs. During my studies I was able to deepen these skills and I dived into the world of Figma to work efficiently on designs and prototypes.

During my semester abroad at IADE in Lisbon, I was able to combine my two interests - technology and creativity. In the program »Creative Technologies«, I learned that the two concepts are not contradictory, but that you can use the synergy to bring interactive ideas to life.

When I'm not sitting in front of my laptop to hatch the next idea, I like to discover new places and cultures of our beautiful earth. If I want to relax you can find me either in my DIY corner or with a good book on the couch.

Do you wanna collaborate with me, hear about my adventures or need a crochet buddy?

Drop a line here or find me on LinkedIn.

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